Virtual Walk-a-thon: May 2nd 2020

Only $10 to walk with us

Option House, Inc. goes to great lengths to keep its staff and clients safe and healthy at all times. That is why, with an abundance of caution in dealing with the risks posed by the coronavirus, our Walkathon is going VIRTUAL. What does this mean exactly? The Walkathon will not take place at the location they were originally scheduled and instead, participants are encouraged join us for a virtual walk.

At 8 am on the date of our scheduled Walkathon, we want you, your friends/family and your four-legged friend to participate in our virtual experience! Whether you are walking on a treadmill, walking in your neighborhood, or even in your living room, put on your walking shoes, leash up your dog or cat and Step Out On Domestic Violence for the cause! And while you’re walking, take a selfie and post your picture or video to social media and tag us using the social media handles listed below:


Hashtag: #walkathon #stepoutondomesticviolencewalkathon #optionhouseinc #enddomesticviolencesanbernardino #noviolence #kindnessisnotcancelled

Walkathon is Option House, Inc. largest fundraiser of the year and is relied upon to bring in more than 10,000 dollars annually to fund the organization’s mission. The organizations funding depends on private donations and grants to provide its life-changing services to the people who need them—at no charge. Due to unforeseen economic challenges tied to the coronavirus pandemic, the money raised by hundreds of individual Walkathon team members is critical this year, more than ever.

So, keep fundraising, keep sharing your page on social media, and keep your walking shoes handy. While we can’t all walk together, with your help, our clients will never walk alone.

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