Emergency Shelter

CALL OUR 24-HOUR Crisis Hotline at (909) 381-3471

If you are having an emergency, please call 911


¿Necesita ayuda urgente? Llama al (909) 381-3471

En peligro inmediato llame al 9-1-1 y una vez que esté seguro llame a nuestra línea directa.

Emergency Crisis Shelter: 45-day

We operate a 24-hour emergency crisis shelter for survivors of domestic and family violence. The location of the shelter is confidential and is not given to the public.

Survivors and their families staying in the shelter are eligible to stay for up to 45 days while working with an advocate to safely transition into stable housing.

​During their stay, survivors and their families have all of their basic needs met. This includes a private room, meals, and childcare. Survivors work with advocates to transition out of crisis and work toward building a solid foundation for the future. Survivors are also encouraged to pursue employment while living in the shelter to ease their transition into stable housing.

​Once survivors transition from the shelter, Option House is able to help them with basic needs including clothing, household goods and furniture through generous community donations.