Restraining Orders

Are you in need of a restraining order?

If you are in an abusive relationship, you can get a restraining order as a step to protect yourself. Along with a restraining order, there are also laws to protect you. You do have an option of leaving the abusive relationship. We have advocates who can support you in leaving safely here at Option House Inc, along with support from police, social workers, shelter workers, and friends and family.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

A judge can grant a restraining order to protect  someone, their children, their property, or their pets. Once a judge grants a restraining order, the police can be called to enforce the order.

A domestic violence restraining order can include these types of orders:

The judge can also make orders about child custody if you have children together.

For more information, check out this link: Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in California | California Courts | Self Help Guide 

Gun Violence Restraining Order

A Gun Violence Restraining Order is a court order that prohibits someone from having a gun, ammunition or magazines (ammunition storage and feeding devices). 

It can order someone to:

A Gun Violence Restraining Order cannot order someone to:

For more information, check out this link Gun Violence Restraining Orders - abuse_firearms_selfhelp (